VOD Campaign of the Year - NEW

With VOD becoming more and more of a factor in a film's life cycle, this new category recognizes the best VOD release of the year. This could be a VOD title that was also launched on DVD or theatrically at any time, or was released on VOD only, but which has a special push for its VOD release. Criteria for judging will include number of views relative to its target audience, innovative and successful marketing campaigns, and special push for the film's VOD offering.

General entry criteria

All entries will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Company must be based in the UK
  • Work on each specific category should be created in the UK (ie trailers or poster category entries should not just be lifted from US campaigns)
  • Based on work and achievements from August 2012 to August 2013
  • Provide any relevant data (key metrics from box-office data to Facebook followers) within your application
  • If your work shows growth against past years please also include those examples and data
  • Judges prefer information that is short, relevant and clear 
  • To offer easier, streamlined applications, we have adjusted the entry forms this year for ease of use by both applicants and those judging the entries.